Freelancing since college, Denver has always thrived on making new connections and solving new problems through design. After graduating, Denver continued to make new connections within the community and started freelancing full time.

Since then Denver has had the privilege to work with provincial and national companies and organizations, completing all sorts of projects from event branding and promotion to fully responsive website design.

Denver has worked with non-profit awareness support campaigns and charitable fundraising events to effectively communicate through social marketing projects to reach out to the Sudbury Community, media, and decision makers.

“determine who you’re talking to, what you’re saying and how to say it”

Contributing to fundraising campaigns such as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, The Alzheimer Society, The Arthritis Society and Health Sciences North Foundation.

No stranger to teamwork, Denver has contracted and collaborated with local and international associates of the creative industry, together aiming to create effective pieces of design and creative communications, with a focus on craftsmanship and collaboration.

Integrating technology in the design process with social networks to create effective and efficient connections is now an industry standard.

Denver’s continually growing services have expanded over the years to include: search engine optimization, cross platform design, website analytics, brand reputation management and more.

“my goal is to develop and implement creative and vibrant communication.”

Denver’s website design approach is aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience with easy reading and simple navigation.

Whether you want to boost sales, attract more followers or refresh your image, the tools to help you strengthen your business have never been easier to administer.

“when a client has confidence in a designer, great things can happen.”

Better client relationships can mean more successful projects. All of Denver Dewar Design’s work is done in consideration of the capabilities of the clients and the needs of their customers.

Thinking deeply about the real value and purpose of the work helps graphic designers build dynamic and enduring relationships with their clients. As communications strategists and graphic designers can have a significant impact on managing perceptions and changing behaviours.

Positioning is the image or identity your strive to create in the marketplace. If you have not positioned yourself, your market probably has no idea what you stand for and/or how you differ from your competition.

Design clients are looking for business partners who have the insight to solve complex marketing and business problems and designers should be that source of insight and inspiration.

The more you understand a client’s motivation, situation and environment, the better you can address their design needs.