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Need a new website?

Trade in your current website
to receive 20% off a complete
website redesign.

Planning a new website for your business can be daunting, let my experience designing for the web assist you in creating a fully responsive and functional online presence.

When redesigning a website, make sure to gather your existing domain and hosting information such as the hosting provider, your login and password, size limitations, etc.

Consider having ready your photos, contact information, a mission statement, copywriting, product or service information. Thinking ahead and planning out the pages of your website can give you a strong idea of what content you will need.

If you haven’t had a website before and don’t have anything currently setup, start outlining the goals for your future website.

Such as : Do you want the option to upload and change content? Will you want your own custom email address?

what does 
it all cost ?

the three major costs of
website design are:


Hosting & Domain

A Domain Name (for instance, “”) is an identification handle that defines a site folder authority, or a controlled space on the Internet.

A Web Hosting Service is a type of Internet Hosting Service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.


Design & Development

Mobile phones account for 17% of global web usage. Your website should be functional and legible at all screen sizes. Luckily there is a way to have just one website but use multiple designs.

Using media queries we are able to create a website sized specifically for smartphones, tablets, and monitors all at once.


Renewal & Upkeep

Whichever Web Hosting company you choose, they will likely charge an annual subscription fee for your domain and hosting services. Subscription packages come in all different sizes and capacities to handle the simplest and smallest websites to the larger and more complicated ones.

let’s get

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