During the summer of 2014, I moved my graphic design business out from my parent’s house into an office located in the South End. Immediately I fell in love with the freedom of having my own area to work along with the ample space and high ceiling.

Of course when you’re just starting out you have to be smart with your money and hold off from furnishing the new space with expensive and extravagant furniture, so I was a frequent visitor to kijiji and various yard sales. 

“they used to have yoga classes in this space, so its got good vibes.”

The office is located in the Universal Medical Centre on ArmStrong street and houses various naturopathic doctors, registered massage therapist, and counsellors. At first it was a slight awkward transition to working in the same building as so many health practitioners but since then I’ve adjusted just fine. 

Being the curious type I asked my landlord what the space had housed before my tenancy, and to my surprise he informed me that they used to have yoga classes in this space, so its got good vibes.


Since that summer in 2014, the business had grown a tiny bit more along with the amount of furniture, posters and plants in the office. To my surprise the lease was a smart investment and resulted in a more concentrated work flow and increase in clients.

“to be honest we were looking for someone who has an office”

Having a somewhat decent office with coffee or water always available helped my clients understand my goals and dedication to growing and developing as a local business. 

During a meeting with one of my recent clients I had asked how they came about finding and choosing my business, they replied by telling me that they were looking for someone affordable, professional, well recommended.. and to be honest someone who has an office.

So the office remains to be a wise investment and continues to allow me to meet with new clients and work on all sorts of late night creative projects.

The layout of the building is somewhat confusing and often I have to explain to clients that the main entrance is at the back of the building, but once they reach reception they’re pointed in the right direction and upon entering my office are immediately greeted with a coffee or water (or tea, coconut water, carrot juice, etc..).