this is Joe, and he’s Canadian 

Remember Joe? you know from that Molson Canadian commercial that gave birth to the slogan “I AM CANADIAN!”. The ad first ran on Sunday March 26th,2000 during the Academy Awards which resulted in Molson’s switchboard being lit up with passionate congratulatory calls from all over the country.

Perhaps the greatest example of how integrated a single television commercial can be was the creation of a unique website. The agency’s interactive partners at Cybersight used ‘The Rant’ to get expressions of pride from the online audience. Over 40,000 people submitted Digital Rants, mimicking the commercial.

Molson Canadian had become what the strategy developed by Bensimon Byrne D’Arcy had set out to achieve: The one true beer for the proudly Canadian guy.

In the twelve months following the debut of ‘The Rant’, the acceleration of market share change for Molson Canadian and Labatt’s Blue has been dramatic. The stock market has taken note of the change in Molson’s fortunes, as the turnaround in share price coincided with the debut of the new advertising campaign.

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