start the car!!

A quote made famous from the IKEA commercial, where a woman, given her receipt, looks shocked at the total. Realizing it is obviously less than she expected to pay, smiles and assumes the operator has made a mistake. She quickly exits the store laden with bags, calling to her husband waiting in the car outside, “Start the car! Start the car!”

The commercial aired in 12 countries and is still quoted to this day. People relate to the message because at one point or another while shopping we’ve all had that feeling that we just got away with something. Most countries that used the ad ran the original and dubbed it, but a couple countries had reshot it. 

Even though the commercial was a hit and positively accepted by people all of the world, it still received negative comments and complaints. The Advertising Standards Board considered whether this advertisement breaches section 2 of the Advertisers Code of Ethics. 

The Board viewed the advertisement and the actions of the woman running from the store and noted the complainant’s comments that the advertisement was sending the wrong message about ethical behaviour.

The Board agreed that while the woman’s behaviour might have been suggested as unethical, the advertisement was intended to be humorous and the woman had not in fact stolen from the store. 

The Board agreed that it could find not find grounds on which to uphold the complaint with respect to the depiction of unethical behaviour. 

Further finding that the advertisement did not breach the Code on any other grounds, the Board dismissed the complaint.

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